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Bath & Hand care gift bag

Pretty mini gift set in a choice of several fragrances with Essential oils and Fragrance oils.

100gm Cold Process Soap
30gm pot of Hand Cream
50gm Heart shaped Bath Bomb, can be replaced with a round one if preferred.

Guide to sets:
Bergamot & Lavender - Essential oils
Cranberry & Orange - Fragrance & Essential oil
Earl Grey Soap, Bergamot Hand cream, Bergamot & Orange Bath bomb
Gardener's - Soap, Hand cream and nail brush, or bath bomb if you'd prefer.
Green Tea & Mint - Essential oil & Fragrance oil
Lavender - Essential oil
Lavender & Lemon - Essential oils
Lime & Lemongrass - Essential oils
Raspberry & Orange - Fragrance & Essential oils
Rose - Fragrance oil Bergamot & Lavender - Essential oils
Rose & Lavender - Fragrance & Essential oils 
Rosemary & lavender - Essential oils

Calendula Soap with Sweet Orange Essential oil, Bergamot & Orange Hand Cream, Orange Tree Bath bomb




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